What is an OPG?

An OPG is a rotational panoramic dental x-ray that allows the dentist to view the upper and lower jaws on one film in a 2-dimensional representation.

What is Lateral Cephalometry?

Lateral Cephalometry is an x-ray of the side of the face and jaw that allows the doctor to view the relationship between your teeth and the bones of your face. From the image, various measurements can be made relating to the nature of your bite.

Are there any risks or side effects for OPG and/or Lateral Cephalometry?

Having an OPG and/or Lateral Cephalometry will expose your body to a very low level of radiation. No radiation remains after the test. Your doctor has sent you for this test knowing that the information provided by the scan is more beneficial than the very low risk associated with it. The skill of the operator and the design of the machine ensure you receive the lowest radiation dose possible. If you are pregnant, or if it is possible that you may be pregnant please advise the staff before the examination, as x-ray examinations are usually not performed during pregnancy unless it is an absolute medical necessity to do so.