What is an X-Ray?

An X-Ray is a high-energy electromagnetic wave, similar to light, and is commonly used to view and produce images of the body. It is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Used to help doctors diagnose medical conditions
  • It is most often used for imaging the limbs, chest and abdomen.

Are there any risks?

The risk of harm from a diagnostic x-ray scan in an adult is very small and is balanced against the risk of not performing the scan. The information gained from an x-ray, such as early diagnosis and treatment may have significant health benefits.

Having an x-ray will expose your body to a very low level of radiation. No radiation remains after the test. Your doctor has sent you for this test knowing that the information provided by the scan is more beneficial than the very low risk associated with it. The skill of the operator at MD Imaging and the design of the machine ensure you receive the lowest radiation dose possible.

If you are pregnant, or if it is possible that you may be pregnant please advise the staff before the examination, as x-ray examinations are usually not performed during pregnancy unless it is an absolute medical necessity to do so. If there is any doubt, a different test that doesn’t use x-rays may be performed. If no substitute test is appropriate, then the test may be canceled pending confirmation of pregnancy, as x-rays may be harmful to the unborn child.